My childhood habit of dismantling toys rose from my urge to understand the intricacies of how they worked. After taking them apart, I was amazed by the simplicity of the components and the complexity of integration. It was intriguing to see how so many parts came together to function in harmony, just like the world we live in. 

Driven by this child-like curiosity to see how things worked and the aesthetics of arranging, I applied the concepts of dismantling and knolling to the subject of my photographs. In these images, ordinary objects have been stripped down to their base essentials, and laid before you. The fact that there’s so much more to these mundane objects than meets the eye induces a sense of wonder, and that is what makes these images so compelling.

While the length of component types and breadth of diversity is amazing enough, the most profound aspect is the criticality of each component. Even the most fragile wire has a role to play. Even the smallest spring is essential. Even the most common screw, through replaceable, is necessary for the functioning of the object as a whole. Every one has a role to play, a task to execute, a function to fulfil. Are we still talking about the Swiss knife here? 

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