Some brands are so legendary, you don’t need their product or logo in the image. Because they have left a rich legacy and an ever-lasting impression in the minds and hearts of their consumers.

In this original composition, I have tried to capture three such iconic brands – Chanel, Dalmore and Johnie Walker, without using the product or logo directly. The beauty about these compositions is that the imprints may look engraved or embossed from different angles and under different lighting, signifying that these brands mean different things to different people. For a dramatic effect, I have accessorised the composition with custom-made miniature tools to draw parallels to an excavation site. 

Apart from the stark difference in colour among these photos, the subtle differences of texture, material, use and placement of tools, and effect of imprint vary drastically and each speak a legacy of their own. Just like the uniqueness of the brand they signify. 

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